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An enterprise-class framework used as a base for entire applications. Provides stability of the solution for years of the project.


Development tools provided by Google, allowing to build multi-platform applications. Mobile (iOS, Android), desktop.


Technologies from Google and Facebook for building advanced web applications.


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"E-pi.tech is characterized by understanding business needs and constant work on meeting the client’s needs. Despite being focused on business, the team implements the suggestions of the UX team and proposes its solutions to help users go through the entire shopping process on the website."

- Wiktor Rymarz, New Business Developer in CareExpress

"E-pi.tech team helps me with developing a desktop application- system that motivates employees in one of the largest networks of the petrol stations. Cooperation with the team was professional due to a huge technical-programmic knowledge and suggest better solutions."

- Jarosław Apanasewicz CEO

The best development team ever!

E-pi.tech is a team of specialists responsible for the production of a finished potentially ready-to-release product. Our knowledge of advanced CRM, ERP and SaaS applications in the fields of fintech helps clients implement the complete product.


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