The system automates the process of downloading surveys and creating marketing campaigns for partners.



About Application

The system automates the process of downloading surveys and creating marketing campaigns for partners. Its mechanism includes an extensive survey, thanks to which a user can describe his needs in detail by providing simple yes / no answers (mostly). Basing on this, the business partner analyzes the data and contacts a user to present an offer. The system minimizes the partners' contribution to obtaining the necessary information to make an offer.


01.  Too long time to collect information about customer needs
02. An increasing number of partners resulting from the growing portfolio of the potential customers
03. Delays in providing customers with documents due to the lack of process automation

Our role

We began our participation in the project with an analysis of customer needs. What’s more, we researched the target group, which showed us how to improve the final look and content of the survey. As a result, we’ve created a personalized survey that allows users to provide information necessary to prepare an offer. We also designed a functional survey management system that streamlined the entire bidding process.

Quick user survey

Users are the first group to contact a product. A quick survey was created for them. When completed, it provides 90% of the data usually obtained by a consultant during the first interview. Such information allows creating a final offer for a customer.

The survey reduced the time spent on familiarizing with basic customer needs by 60%. What’s more, personalized bids come to them twice as fast.


Process management

The panel enables monitoring surveys and statistics of a given partner at particular stages of the bidding process. It also allows you to view a specific user and his completed surveys. Besides, the system sends notifications if the partner has not contacted the user or potential customer on time.

The notification system has increased customer satisfaction by 24%.

Furthermore, system administrators and the management team have reduced the time spent on controlling partners by 13%.

Partners’ work monitoring

A large number of partners required comprehensive control of the current status of the surveys. Now they have a permanent survey overview. Besides, they see the answers of potential customers and can quickly go to offers.

A dedicated management panel and all control and reminder mechanisms optimized the bidding process.

Free capacity (13% time savings) is used for marketing campaigns and activities aimed at increasing brand recognition.


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